About Our Team

Dedicated to VR and Beyond

Nathan Beattie

Melbourne VR Community Meetup

As founder of Melbourne’s community-focused VR meetup, Nathan’s aim is to promote and grow Melbourne’s VR scene, and by extension, Australia’s.

Nathan also runs VR development workshops, in order to encourage more developers to enter the VR space.

Daish Malani

Adelaide VR Meetup (link)

Founder of Ahimsa Creative and coming from a graphic design and Interface background, Daish focuses on user interface(UI) and interaction in VR and shares knowledge with others in the ultimate goal of creating a better user experience (UX) in VR.

Giving people the opportunity to experience and join the discussion over VR and what its ultimate potential is with members of the community is a main focus.

Recently working on training for people working in dangerous situations has been one of the many positive future applications  that Daish expects to be an important feature of immersive video and VR/AR applications.

Mark Schramm

Canberra VR Meetup & Sydney VR Meetup

Mark is the director of VR Bits, a Virtual Reality studio with offices in Germany and Australia, currently working on VR games for GearVR, Rift, Vive and PSVR.

Mark is running several VR meetups and hackathons with the goal to build a VR developer community in Canberra and Sydney.

Alexander Van Cooten

Brisbane VR Meetup

Having launched the Brisbane VR Club (BVRC) from a local internet cafe, Lex has grown the community of VR enthusiasts and developers to be the largest in Queensland. As a business graduate with a passion for emerging technologies,

Lex is a champion for locally networked hubs which garner talent through real education and project based learning. Over the course of 2015 Lex took the Brisbane based meetup to cohost at multiple tech festivals, including IRL at Brisbane Powerhouse and Hybrid Worlds at BAPFF (Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival) while also performing community outreach through workshops on VR technology across the state.

Lex is continuing to pursue his passion of a more connected and better educated world through growing BVRC and its local support of developers and small businesses,nas well as its international connections and collaborations with VR hubs across Asia Pacific.

Adam Geoghegan

Perth VR Meetup

Founder of Immersia VR and with a background in engineering, statistics, commerce and economics, Adam is one of Perth’s leading virtual and augmented reality pioneers.

After 2 years of strategy consulting at Deloitte, Adam founded a virtual reality startup with a focus on life-saving safety applications for the oil and gas and mining industries, having delivered to ASX100 companies, and last year keynoted at the world’s largest digital entertainment conference (Digital Hollywood) in California.

Adam’s area of passion is health and mental wellbeing, and he hopes to create a virtual or augmented reality product that fixes the immense mental health problems facing the world.

Kain Tietzel

Sydney VR Meetup

Kain is the co-founder of Start VR, a Sydney based Virtual Reality production studio developing interactive and cinematic VR experiences for high profile Australian brands, partnering with creative agencies for VR development and is soon to release a VR app publishing platform StartGATE.

Before founding Start VR in early 2105, Kain was the co-founder & CMO of Fotomerchant.com, was the Head of Growth & Experience at Meeco.me, Creative Director & Managing Director at MassMedia Studios and was voted one of “Top 50 Growth Hackers 2014” and 20+ years of digital media UX production across Australia, UK and USA.

Kain is the co-organiser of the Sydney VR Meetup Group in collaboration with Mark Schramm.


Use VR to make the viewer totally understand the point of view of someone else.


Make it possible to take a student anywhere in any time to truly understand what an environment is like


Live outside the bounds of reality. Limitless possibilities of new worlds await.


Take relaxation to the next level in VR. Have more meaningful interactions and open your mind.